The original corporate and start up connection program. For the last 10 years we have been helping FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 firms to scout for, select and partner with the most exciting start-up ventures on the planet. We have managed numerous open innovation programs for the strategic, commercial and R&D functions of the most respected corporations in the world. If you are looking to answer any of the questions below, then come on a journey with us!


Need to Find out whats going on in the market?

You just want to separate the hype from the reality! Are there really any AI firms you can work with? Will Blockchain disrupt your business model? Sometimes a Gartner report just isn't enough

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Need to partner to solve a difficult problem

You have a technology or R&D problem that the brightest minds in your business just can't solve. Sometimes working with start-ups can get to a better solution much faster. Yes there are great ideas beyond your organisational boundaries!

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Need to partner to deliver a new solution

Today most corporations we work with don't have all the capabilities they need in house. Partnerships with external ventures are the most effective way to get your internal initiatives in to the market

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Need to create an ecosystem around your platform?

We find that start-ups value the access to markets and scale of large organisations much more than investment. If you need to create an ecosystem around your brand and platform we should speak

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